Saturday, January 5, 2008

Potential Treatment for Difficult Skin Conditions and Possibly Even White Line Disease: Chlorine Dioxide.


Treatment for white line/thrush, cancor, scratches, rainrot: Clorine dioxide at 20,000 ppm is activated using 1 deciliter chlorine dioxide, 1deciliter of vinegar with 4 liters of water. Or about 6 oz. per gallon; or as per manufacturers recommendation for use on livestock. Mix the 6 oz. of chlorine dioxide with 6 oz. of vinegar 5-10 minutes, turning it yellow, activating it to a higher strength.

I came across this recommendation in a magazine article written by a veterinarian a couple years ago and finally am getting around to testing it on a customer's horse that has a stubborn fetlock area skin condition. While this veterinarian seemed to have a lot of success with it, I'm still testing it. I purchased the chlorine dioxide on-line at Air solutions, phone # 515-577-9979, for $26.00/gal. Let me know how it works for you.

I've also found another very useful article here where they mention this supplier: Grand Circuit, The sell it under the brand name, White Lightening.


Todd Saunders said...

It seems that in order to get this recipe up to maximum potency, and get the best results, you have to mix the chlorine dioxide and vinegar and then let it activate together for 5-6 days until it reaches a strong potency before adding the water. It increases in potency with age and no doubt it will knock out some stubborn skin conditions. I just went back to some that had been activating for a couple weeks and it practically burndt my nose when I smell tested it. Very potent stuff after it ages. Very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

You write very well.